Best Eid al-Fitr Gifts For Kids
Quad-Copter With Live Streaming Video
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Pro-Level Spy-Tech For Your Junior Spies

Your kids will love this 3-speed remote control quad-copter drone which flies 7 ways up to 100 meters from the controller. Amazing 360 roll function & 1-touch homing button. Connect via phone/tablet to wifi to stream and record video/pics at 2MP 720ppi resolution. And with a convenient foldaway design, the drone can pop right into a school bag.

Huffy 20 Bike
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A High-Quality Set of Wheels

Huffy is known the world over for its quality manufacturing – your kids will be able to use this new bike for years to come. Plus 20” wheels are a great middle size, and depending upon height can be used by kids anywhere from age 7-12. Front and rear hand brakes and quick release seat post round out the package.

Intex Pool With Filter
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A Gift to Keep Everyone Cool

The whole family will enjoy this gift on the hottest days – a pool with a practical design for quick setup and takedown. Put it on your balcony, patio, roof, on the grass, or even inside if you want! Features strong three-ply walls to protect against puncture, a control valve for easy draining, and a pump to keep the algae to a minimum.

Magic Star Karaoke System
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Give Your Stars a Chance to Shine

Your kids will love developing their talents with this two-mic set-up that is controlled using your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Search the giant song database can by language, title, singer and more, and update the database easily with new songs via USB. Using the system, they’ll also be able to record and publish their creations!

ATOUCH Tablet - AT5 7inch, 16GB, Dual Sim, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, Gold
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The House’s Future Most Coveted Toy

You can’t go wrong with getting your kids a decent low-cost tablet like this one. They’ll use it for both learning and entertainment. Research shows that kids who use a phone or tablet at an early age turn into more tech-literate adults, and with SIM slots and 4G LTE, you can connect this tablet to the internet and take it on the road!

Tech Will Save Us - DIY Gamer Coding Kit
Tech Will Save Us
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Give Them A Head Start On A Hi-Tech Career

If your kid is more the problem-solver/inventor type, they’ll love this DIY kit from the popular Tech Will Save Us series. They’ll learn to create their own handheld console, and then build skills by coding and hacking dozens of retro games on the online coding platform. But before you know it, they’ll be designing and coding their creations!
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Scooters Never Rode This Smooth

Give the gift of transport with this high-tech scooter from Yvolution that’s in a league of its own. The three-wheeled system makes it easier to ride while developing gross motor skills through the lean-based steering system. Add anti-vibrate hand grips and your kid will find they are gliding longer than ever, and carving with ease.

Funtime Worlds Smallest Walkie Talkie
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Turn the House into a Clubhouse

With a signal strength that can travel through concrete, steel walls, floors and more, your kids will be able to talk up to 30 meters away – use morse code (instructions included). In the age of cellphones for all, give the little ones the pleasure of remote communication – without all the extra radiation.

Get Your Perfect Kid The Perfect Gift

The list above is full of kid’s gifts for all ages, to make your shopping easy. But you should also check out AskMjareb’s present-picking guide for kids, below, to make your gift decisions breezy.

Best Gifts For Kids- Mjareb’s Advice

Picking a gift for kids is notoriously hard. It’s hard to know what each kid will want at their age, plus personality and gender can play a big part. But if you listen to the following advice, you should come up with a few great ideas for great birthday presents, or gifts that will make Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr celebrations even more memorable and happy for your kids.

1 Make a list of things your kid might need or want

Sit for 2 minutes and start thinking about comments your child has made about particular wants and needs they have. You’ll come up with a least a few great gift ideas you haven’t considered before.

Maybe they saw a drone when you were out together and were really fascinated by it. Why not get your kids their own to learn and play with? Or maybe they told you one time that they admire a particular pop-star and wish they could perform as he or she does. If so, you might get them the karaoke machine recommended in our list above.

Perhaps your child has mentioned they wish they could see a friend who lives across town more. Maybe they could ride to see them on a new Huffy bike. A new tablet is also a good way for them to connect with friends or relatives that live far away – they are just one Skype or FaceTime call away.

2 Give the Gift of New Memories

You can also give your child the gift of new experiences they will cherish. You might take them out to a restaurant alone – just the two of you together. Or take the whole family to a movie and let them pick which one. You could even take them to a fun new activity, like a trip to VR Park Dubai with one or two of their best friends.

Be sure to take a few snaps so you can get them framed for their next birthday – or for a special event like Eid al-Fitr.

3 Help them learn something new

If you know a child well enough to have spoken about their future goals and aspirations, you’re likely to land on a collection of meaningful gifts that speak not only to who they are but to whom they’d like to become.

You can get them a new Atouch tablet, preloaded with a best-of list of cutting edge language learning apps to help further their education. Or perhaps they always wanted to learn guitar. You could get them a guitar, spare strings, a shoulder strap, a pro pick set, and a set of 10 guitar lessons with a celebrated local teacher. The list is endless.

7 Best Gifts Ideas For Kids

  • Tablet or Phone – Although it’s a cliche by now, kids and phones really do go together like peas and carrots. While it’s a good idea to monitor what your child is doing on their screens, as well as limit overall screen time, there are just too many great learning tools available electronically for them to pass up.
  • New Shoes – Most kids quickly grow out of their shoes, so a new pair of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Skechers, Keds, or Vans will be just what they need. Be sure to get them one size bigger than they already have.
  • Musical Instruments – Some kids learn to play musical instruments in school. If so, they might like a new specialty accessory to go with their chosen instrument. If you are buying a gift for a younger kid, a good quality starter guitar or piano is always popular.
  • Cool School Stationery – Every kid can use spiffy new school gear – pens, mechanical pencils, and the like. A new item that’s becoming very trendy is the Boogie Board Tablet, a thin LCD screen a kid can write on and clear with the touch of a button. Some are even transparent and allow you to put various templates behind.
  • School Bag – Every kid uses a school bag every day, which means a lot of wear and tear. A well-designed new backpack is always a great gift – if you can be sure they haven’t gotten a new one recently.
  • Kids’ Clothes – Eid al-Fitr is a fantastic time to buy your kids new, elegant clothes. Online fashion stores have amazing deals during the holiday, especially on women’s and kids’ fashion so you can treat everyone to a new fashionable wardrobe.
  • Wheels of Their Own – If the kid you are buying for doesn’t have a size-appropriate tricycle, scooter or bike, this is a must. Since kids grow, this is also a gift idea that can be used again and again.

Gifts for Kids - FAQ

What Are The Best Online Stores For Kids Gifts?

Each kid is totally different in his or her wants and needs, and these wants and needs can shift by age and gender. That said, there are a few stores and websites online that carry a broad enough selection that you’ll find something for every kid.

What Are The Best Brands For Kid’s Gifts?

Best Stationery Brands For Kids
  • Parker
  • Bic
  • Sharpie
  • Crayola

Best Water Bottle Brands for Kids
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • CamelBak
  • Flaska
  • Contigo

Best Kid’s Tablet Brands
  • ATouch
  • Iconix
  • Ctroniq
  • Amazon
  • Apple

What are the Best Gift Ideas For Kids For Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr?

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr is the season to bring joy to your loved ones, to show them you care, and to give gifts to show them you are thinking of them.

One of the best gift ideas for kids this Ramadan is an interactive salah mat available from Mumzworld which teaches kids how to perform the Muslim prayer – and makes it fun! The colorful rug shows different times of salah, different body positions and what to say for each.

For those who favor a book as a gift, you can get What is Ramadan – an activity book by Bismallah Babies. For the intermediate level, there’s a great Ramadan Journal featuring Ramadan Around the World.

Another great gift idea this Ramadan for kids and the whole family is a festive Ramadan Calendar with a small place to store a little gift for each day. Various versions are available from Mumzworld and Sprii. For those who favor fashion, Ramadan Mubarak onesies and I Heart Ramadan T-Shirts are available from Sprii.

We hope we’ve helped you figure out what to get the kids in your life this season. Once you know what you want, be sure to check out our in-depth Ramadan coupons and deals guide pages – they are a good source for Ramadan activities and TV reviews, shopping, travel and Eid al-Fitr gift ideas at exceptional prices.