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Best Discounts On Your Favorite Brands At Your Favorite Stores

Everybody knows, using coupons will save you money. Now with AskMjareb, just copy our E-coupons and save big at Saudi Arabia and UAE online retailers.

Coupons & Deals - Mjareb’s Advice

1 Coupons: Not Just In The Paper Anymore

Save money with AskMjareb – search for all your favorite brands, from all your favorite stores. Whether you like to shop online or in stores, saving money is great. Taking advantage of coupons can help save you money on your purchases. Thanks to AskMjareb, you are no longer limited to the paper for coupons. There are other ways to save money on the products you buy. Discover all the best coupons available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia: just copy the coupon and enjoy the discount!

2 Look Here For The Biggest Discounts At The Best Stores

Many online shoppers know that huge discounts and electronic coupons exist on the web, but staying on top of these offers is a full-time job. Listed here are the biggest discounts and the best coupons for the most popular Saudi Arabia and UAE online shopping venues.

3 Flights And Hotels Deals

Find great deals on flight tickets in Tajawal and Flyin. The best discounts on both flights and hotels are at Almosafer. AskMjareb keeps you up to date on the best and latest getaway deals for both International and Middle Eastern airlines.

4 Red-Hot Deals On Electronics, Home Appliances And Gadgets

Don’t miss our exclusive coupons for Noon and Souq. Browse over 20 million products in more than 31 categories for the best selection and deals on electronics, gadgets, perfumes, fashion and more.

5 For Trendsetting Fashion Influencer

If you’re on the cutting edge of what’s happening NOW, the newest collection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories from global and Middle Eastern brands are at ELabelz and FarFetch.

6 Makeover Your Beauty, Makeup And Skincare Regime

See AskMjareb’s extensive collection of special offers on makeup and fragrance available on Faces and Golden Scent, as well as Swedish beauty innovations at FOREO.

7 Stock Up On Essentials For Both Mom And Baby

the growing tykes in your family) at Mumzworld or Sprii. You’ll find only current and non-expired discounts as well as exclusive coupons that you won’t find on any other site.

8 The Best Deals On Weight-Loss And Bodybuilding Products

Whether you’re looking for vitamins or protein powders, iHerb has a huge collection of top quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. Check out the current coupons and discounts.

9 Book Lovers Are On The Right Page

AskMjareb brings amazing discount rates to its readers on Jamalon. If you prefer to use e-readers, Amazon has the best deals on Kindle E-Readers and other smart devices like Alexa, Echo, Blink, Sonos, Hue, Hive, and Arlo.

10 All-You-Can-Buy Buffet Of Budget Merchandise

Get onboard the deepest discounts, and biggest coupons from AliExpress. Check out the huge selection of fashion, gadgets and novelty items to suit any style and budget.

Coupons & Deals - FAQ's

How Do I Find The Best Online Discounts And Coupons?

You should continually check for seasonal coupons and special offers at your favorite online shopping sites. Also check the store social media pages for offers that might not be published anywhere else. But with so many sites out there with constantly changing offers, it can be hard to stay on top of it all. Sometimes sites compete against each other for your business with increasingly good offers so if you don’t check back every few minutes, you’ll miss out on the best offer. Other times online retailers offer great deals which end almost as soon as they begin, and if you don’t constantly refresh your page to make sure the deal is still current, the price could bounce back up. Luckly, AskMjareb can help you cut down on visits to multiple sites and huge amounts of data processing. AskMjareb shows you which retailers are offering the best prices on your item, so you can go right to the best price from the start. AskMjareb also saves you money by giving you special discounts that have been negotiated with online shopping sites so you’ll get better-than-advertised deals on all of your purchases. Don’t wait till you’re at checkout either in the store or at the online retailer to start searching for discount codes. Do this at the beginning of your shopping journey – because time is money.

Are Some Coupon Sites Better Than Others?

Absolutely. There are also many coupon sites that leave expired coupons on the site to make their discounts listings look better. These sites haven’t done the hard work to find the latest deals and negotiate today’s best discounts for their customers. AskMjareb posts coupons that are valid and live, and updates its exclusive offers daily. Use a reliable and trustworthy site like AskMjareb, which works directly with retailers to offer you up-to-date store and product discounts – all approved by the retailer.

Will Online Retailers Accept An Expired Coupon?

Online shopping sites almost never accept a coupon with an expired date. But you’ll never have to worry about this issue when you use AskMjareb because we never keep expired coupon codes or discounts that are not current and live in our listings. Also, online shopping sites reserve the right to – and often do – shorten the published expiration date on a coupon or sale when supplies of the item are depleted. So if you see a great deal on an item you’ve been watching, don’t wait to buy!

What Types Of Online Coupons Are There?

When scanning for special offers at your favorite online shopping venues, it’s important to understand the basic types of online coupons in order to get the best deals. Take a few minutes and check out this Glossary Of Coupon And Discount Types:
  • Exclusive Coupons- Coupons on this site that are marked “Exclusive” are only available at AskMjareb. We have negotiated a special discount with the brand just for our users.These coupons usually are either come as a percentage or a set quantity of AED off, and are often only available for a few days or for a limited stock of merchandise.
  • Redeemable Vouchers- Check AskMjareb for opportunities to buy discount vouchers for less than their value – ie, buy a AED 500 voucher for AED 250. Apply these to your purchases to get a great deal!
  • Travel Discounts- Many airline tickets and flight booking sites publish their cheap flights in the last two weeks of the month for the following month’s travel. Looking for flight tickets? Scan AskMjareb’s curated list of flight bookings for International and Middle East Airlines.
  • Holiday or Seasonal Offers- AskMjareb curates lists of special holiday-themed special offers and discounts at retailers both for one-day holidays and longer holiday seasons such as Ramadan or the Hajj. You can always come to AskMjareb to see the best deals of the season.
  • Free Gifts or Giveaways- Giveaways are a great way to get customers to register at an online retailer. And if you buy a certain amount of merchandise, sometimes a retailer will give you a free gift as a sweetener. Check AskMjareb – we’ll always keep you in the know
  • Buy One Get One Free and Bundles- Online stores often give a better deal when you get more than one or a bundle of related merchandise, like a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher all at once. AskMjareb updates you on all these great opportunities.
  • Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Deals- Many retailers offer new discounts and fresh sales which start in the beginning, middle and end of the month. But don’t worry – sign up for the AskMjareb newsletter to stay up to date with the week’s best deals, coupons and special offers.
  • Flash Sales- Due to merchandise overstocks, retailers often offer two-day or weekend-only flash sales – discounts that come unexpectedly and end just as quickly. Check AskMjareb daily for updated coupons and discount offers.

Can I Use Coupons On Top Of A Sale Price?

Usually yes, depending upon the retailer. That’s why AskMjareb brings you relevant discounts, deals, special offers, and exclusive coupons so you can combine offers and see which way comes out with the best final price.

When Is The Best Time To Look For Coupons?

There will also always be coupons and discounts available during Muslim holidays seasons like Ramadan this May and Hajj in August this year – as well as during Christian events such as Easter in April and Christmas in December. You’ll also get spectacular deals during secular shopping holidays such as Dubai Shopping Festival in January, Amazon Prime Day in July and Black Friday in November. Sometimes, the season is the reason to shop, and you’ll find fantastic discounts during Dubai Summer Surprises in July, and Back-To-School specials in late August and September.

Can’t I Just Search Online For Discounts And Coupons?

Using a search engine, you probably won’t find the best discounts and coupons for online shopping. This is because search engines create their list of top search results from web pages that have already been around for a few months and have lots and lots of visitors. But big discounts and exclusive coupons on online shopping sites usually last just a few days or at most a few weeks – and sometimes end earlier if stocks are depleted. So you don’t want search engine results for coupons, because they are likely to have expired or been discontinued as a result of too much use. AskMjareb only lists brand new and currently valid coupons that are still undiscovered by the multitudes of searching masses. These codes are so new they often won’t show up on a web search.