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1 Why Book Through Rehlat

Rehlat is the fastest growing online travel agency that targets the Middle East traveler. It’s run by passionate and experienced agents with only one goal in mind – to make it easy and painless for you to go anywhere in the world. They do so thanks to the most seamless travel planning and management experience in the Middle East, in both Arabic and English.

Book hotels online, find cheap airline tickets and pay using your choice from a variety of payment methods and currency – go on vacation on your own terms.

2 Find Travel Inspirations

In addition to online fight and hotel reservations, Rehlat curates an Inspirations blog. This blog is chock-full of traveling tips, useful information about cities, hidden destinations you might want to visit, and the occasional fun article or trivia.

If you’re searching for an exciting new place to explore, or looking for a bit of advice about your destination of choice, browse Rehlat’s blog. It’s refreshing to see a travel site so dedicated to giving its users so much information about the places they wish to visit.

All Your Questions About Rehlat Answered

What Can I Find On Rehlat?

Rehlat is a travel site which makes it easy to compare flights online by dozens of top airlines, and book hotels all around the globe. They also offer package deals combining both a flight and hotel for a special, reduced price.

Rehlat continually comes out with new deals on popular destinations or with specific airlines. Keep an eye on our Rehlet deals page as these offers are time sensitive. Don’t miss out on a cheap weekend getaway or a comfortable hotel for your next business trip.

Which Popular Destinations Are Available Through Rehlat?

Rehlat offers flights to destinations all over the world, including many popular destinations in the Middle-East, GCC, and beyond:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Cairo
  • Istanbul
  • Muharraq
  • Amman
  • London
  • Baku
  • Jeddah
  • Manila

How To Find The Best Deals On Rehlat?

The absolute best deals on flights and hotels are right here on AskMjareb’s Rehlat coupon page. This page regularly updates with all the new deals, coupons and discount codes available on Rehlat. Be sure to visit us especially just before holidays, as plenty of airlines and hotels offer special sales and discounts during these times.

Is Rehlat Available In My Area?

Rehlat’s primary focus is the Middle East and GCC. In fact, they have offices in the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, and India. If you live in one of those countries or in the GCC in general, using Rehlat will be a great experience. You’ll undoubtedly find plenty of flights leaving from an airport near you to destinations all across the globe.

Even if you currently don’t live in the Middle East or the GCC, you can use Rehlat to locate and book flights or hotels anywhere in the world.

What Payment Methods Are Available On Rehlat?

Since Rehlat offers services and not an actual product, all payment is digital. You can pay for your cheap flights and hotels with Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards. You can also pay through CashU, Knet, Mada or Sadad.

Rehlat supports a wide selection of currencies. You can pay with Emirati Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Egyptian Pounds, Kuwaiti Dinar, Qatari Rial, Omani Rial, and Bahraini Dinar.

If you’re passionate about travel AND saving money, AskMjareb is here for you. We’re sure you’ll find all the best hotel deals and discounts on flights you need to start planning your next big vacation.