Best 55-inch 4K TVs
LED 4K Smart TV
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Versatile TV For The Whole Family

The Samsung NU7100 offers sharp contrast and colors for an excellent movie-watching experience. The noticeable input lag in Gaming Mode makes it an excellent screen for PC and consoles as well. Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby is missing, but that could be a good thing.

Slim 4K Smart TV
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Amazing 4K For An Surprising Price

The Philips 55PUS6753 is a fantastic 4K TV for its price. It features excellent 4K UHD picture quality, enhanced by the effect of the eye-catching Ambilight technology. Colors are rich and vibrant, but a little more backlight would have made them pop even more.

Curved 4K Smart TV
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An Immersive Viewing Experience

The Samsung NU7300’s curved design offers a better viewing angle than other Samsung TVs, though it still not among the best out there. Dark colors, like black, are prominent thanks to the TV’s excellent contrast, and the smart features are versatile and work extremely fast.

LED 4K Smart TV
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Inches Away From Perfect 4K

Well-designed and competitively priced, the Samsung UE55NU8000 is a big player in the field of 4K TVs. It offers superb smart features, good sound, and very low input lag. Mediocre HDR performance and slight motion blur prevent it from becoming a “must-buy” device.

LED 4K Smart TV
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A Cheap, Solid Choice

Toshiba’s 55U7750EE model performs better than its price may suggest. The 4K picture is detailed, and the colors refined. The image does suffer a bit when there’s lots of action on screen, and things get a bit muddled. The lack of HDR also brings this Toshiba 4K TV down a notch or two.

Buy The Best 55” 4K TV For You

Looking for a new 55″ 4K TV so you can watch football with friends? Snuggle with your loved one in front of a movie? Play video games until the middle of the night? Ask Mjareb’s experts tested dozens of 4K TV sets to point you towards the very best 55″ Smart 4K TV to purchase.

Best 4K TVs - Mjareb’s Advice

A 55” 4K TV is a great option for a home entertainment viewing that offers a large TV screen that will still fit into practically most living rooms. This relatively large screen is an impressive new addition to any room, so the quality of visuals and sound must be the very best – cutting edge and nothing less. The market is overflowing with TV sets bursting with features that offer you the world, but where to begin?

1 4K Smart TVs is A Clever Purchase

Smart TV is part of our new age culture and takes up not only a substantial piece of living room real estate but also a great deal of our leisure time. Samsung is currently dominating the 4K TV market, with its UA55NU7100, UE55NU8000 and curved UA55NU7300 models. All of them offer contrast-rich pictures, HDR10+ support, and Samsung’s cutting-edge smart OS.

The best among them, the flat screen, 4K UA55NU7100 model, is a versatile device that works well for movies, TV shows, and even gaming, and can entertain every member of the family. The UE55NU8000 is an excellent choice as well, mostly thanks to its almost borderless design and makes even images appear bigger than it is.

2 Curved 4K Screen TV Makes A Difference

If you prefer a curved screen, feeling that it adds an immersive IMAX-like experience in your living room then we feel your product of choice should be the impressive 55-inch Samsung Curved 4K TV UA55NU7300. It is sleekly designed, includes a smart control hub, several HDMI ports and has a powerful Quad Core Processor.

It won’t break the bank and stacks up to be a great deal.

3 The Best Value For Money

If you are looking for a really good deal, budget-wise, but don’t want to compromise on picture quality, sound or smart features, then the Philips 55PUS6753 should be your TV of choice. It delivers a sharp 4K image and color and combines them with Philips’ Ambilight tech that turns every TV show or movie into a spectacle.

We’ve selected the Philips 55PUS6753 as our “best value” 55-inch UHD TV, and deservedly so.

Best 55-inch 4K TVs - FAQ

What Features Should I Look For In a 4K TV?

The first thing you want to consider is screen size. All of the 4K TVs here on our list are 55″, which is considered to be the standard. While bigger is usually better when it comes to TVs, bear in mind that prices tend to go through the roof once you go above 65″.

You also need to ask yourself if you prefer a flat or a curved screen. A curved screen adds a sense of depth to the picture, almost a 3D feel that wraps the image around you. Be aware that a curved screen doesn’t deal well with outside light reflection and the image can, in fact, appear distorted if not sitting directly to the center of the screen. A flat-screen is far more easily adaptable into your living room and of course, can be hung on a wall.

Next, choose between OLED or LED. OLED is a far superior technology that individually illuminates each pixel, thus providing “truer” blacks and deals better with dark images and colors. However, OLED TVs are often very expensive. The more reasonably priced LED TVs use uniform backlight for the entire display. Frankly, a good LED TV screen does offer all of the depth and richness needed to be transported to the next level of TV viewing.

Finally, aim for a smart TV that provides at least 4 HDMI ports so that you can connect your hardware, and although this isn’t a must, having a 120 HZ refresh rate really does improve motion blur on moving images.

What’s The Difference Between HD and 4K

Right now, we have three popular TV standards: HD, Full HD (what most people refer to when they say HD) and 4K, or UHD. The difference between 4K, HD and Full HD is the resolution or the number of pixels on the screen.

HD TVs have an image resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels, roughly one million pixels. Full HD stands for image resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels, double the amount of pixels on an HD TV. 4K TVs enjoy an image resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels, which translates into 8 million pixels. That’s four times more pixels than Full HD.

The large number of pixels means two things – UHD TVs can be bigger than HD TVs without distorting the image, and you can sit closer to the TV and enjoy a better viewing experience than you would have with a Full HD TV.

With a 4K TV, you can also enjoy native 4K content. 4K movies and TV series on traditional channels are still somewhat rare, but streaming services like Netflix, StarzPlay, and YouTube are already providing plenty of 4K content.

When is the best time to buy a new TV

The best time to buy a new TV is just before a major sport event – the UEFA Champions League Final, for example. The final falls in late May or early June, so the month of May is usually a great time to purchase a new 4K TV.

Another great time is the month of November, or Black November as it has come to be known. Many online stores discount just about everything during November, culminating in the weekend of Black Friday (White Friday or Yellow Friday as it is known around these parts). If you know which TV you’re looking to buy in advance, you can avoid the crowds in the malls and order it online straight to your home.

And finally, we have Eid al-Fitr. Plenty of online retailers across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle-east offer fantastic discounts during the holy month of Ramadan leading to Eid al-Fitr. Besides Black November, a last couple weeks of Ramadan are probably your best bet for finding quality 4K Television for incredibly low prices. Check out AskMjareb’s Ramadan coupons and deals to find the best ones on electronics, including TVs.

Now you are ready to shop for a new 55-inch 4K TV. Whether you choose from our list above or decide to do some more research on your own, you have everything you need to make an educated decision and purchase the best TV for you and your home.